Who is Mike Wright???

My journey to this point was fun and interersting. I was born in Philadelphia. My dad had a contracting business that installed windows on a lot of the high rise office buildings and condos in the city. I knew I wanted to be like him when I grew up, but I didn't want to be in construction. So I went to Florida A&M Univ. and majored in Business Administration with an emphasis on accounting. While I loved photography, at the time it was just something that I did for fun. I was good at accounting, but it didn't fufill me in any way. After I graduated, I spent over a decade being miserable counting beans and worring about decimal points. Then one day I just decided to make a change. It was now or never. I made the leap and went after happiness. That "hobby" that brought me so much joy on the weekends, became my fulltime passion. I no longer have a job. I have a calling that allows me to create works of art that bring joy and happiness to others.